What will my child, ages 0 – 1, experience during a typical Sunday morning?

Baby Life (ages 0 – 1)

Our team of loving volunteers provides infants and toddlers with a nurturing environment that is clean, safe, and well-appointed.

When caring for your infant (age 0), we will do our best to follow all of your special instructions. Rest assured that we will page you immediately should your infant become inconsolable or have a need we cannot confidently handle. In the infant room we only feed bottles brought in by parents.

Children who are able to walk unassisted are graduated to our toddler room (age 1), which boasts enough activities to keep any toddler occupied for quite some time. During the course of the morning toddlers participate in special Bible learning activities and receive a snack (if you allow).

Our goal in Baby Life is to be sure your child is happy, and we do our best to send your child home wearing a fresh diaper, unless you request that the diaper not be changed.

What will my child, ages 2 through Kindergarten, experience during a typical Sunday morning?

Jr. Kids’ Life (ages 2 through Kindergarten)

In Jr. Kids’ Life kids experience age-appropriate biblical teaching, a caring adult environment, and a whole lot of fun and excitement that will leave them excited about coming back.

After being signed-in children will spend their first few minutes in open play (2’s – 3’s) or in a structured group activity (4’s – K’s). Next they’ll hear stories from the Bible and the monthly “Bottom Line” is introduced and reinforced. After the Bible lesson, kids participate in an ultra-energetic praise and worship time.

After the praise time the 4’s – K’s will have a small group time where they’ll get a chance to interact and apply the lesson with a small group leader, giving them a taste of what’s to come later on in Kids’ Life cell group.

The final element is discovery centers, in which children hear the Bible lesson over again using their senses and action. Typical discovery centers include snacks, crafts, art projects, drama, or singing.

That’s not the end. When you leave LCC, you can download everything you need to continue the learning at home from our resources page on this site.

What will my child, grades 1 – 6, experience during a typical Sunday morning?

Kids’ Life (grades 1 – 6)

The Kids’ Life experience creates a unique Sunday morning atmosphere for your child by providing practical biblical teaching, a caring adult environment, and “out of this world” excitement that will have them eager to come back. The learning environment matches the adults’ with worship, teaching, and cell group.

As children arrive, they’ll spend their first few minutes interacting and building relationships with each other and our volunteers around various activity stations. Next, they’ll engage in a large group presentation, which includes worship with contemporary, high-energy music and a creative and relevant Bible lesson. And that’s all in the first 40 minutes. Whew!

Finally, your kids are off to cell group where they’ll continue to discuss what they’ve learned and how they can live differently because of it, and they’ll spend time praying together, encouraging one another and discovering what it looks like to live out Biblical community together.

Then once you get home, you can download everything you need to continue the learning at home from our resources page.


What curriculum do you use?

For children birth through kindergarten we use First Look.

For children grades 1 through 6 we use 252 Kids.

Where can I purchase the music that you use in Kids’ Life

A large portion of the music that we use in both Kids’ Life and Jr. Kids’ Life is available for download at AmberSky Records.


Orange. What’s that?

All of us as parents want to teach our kids about faith and character. Sometimes though we’re at a loss as to where to start or what the best approach is. Orange seeks to find a solution to this by synchronizing the efforts of the church and the home, using a master plan to teach faith and character to kids.

You guys are the Jesus experts, right? What’s so bad about letting you do your job?

Kudos to you for being on top of trying to make the most of your and your child’s time by leaving it to the experts. While that approach is great for things like piano lessons and ballet, the Bible teaches that when it comes to discipling our kids (teaching faith and character) the responsibility belongs to the parents. Check out what Deuteronomy 6:6-7 says on the matter.

Plus, if you want to think about it in terms of hours spent with your children, the church on average will spend 40 hours with your kids this year. You, on the other hand, will spend approximately 3000 hours of non-sleeping, non-school time with your kids. Hmm…seems like we (the church) need to be doing our best to make YOU the best at teaching your kids about faith and character. That’s where ORANGE comes in.

Teaching my kids my kids about faith and character is my responsibility and I get that, but where do I start? How do I know I’m teaching the right things?

Thanks for your honestly. The good news is that we’ve got a plan to help. ORANGE! to the rescue. Orange isn’t another program, rather it’s a set of tools, resources, and a way of thinking designed to help you (the parent) win at teaching your child about faith and character.


1- Use our resources. They’re free and can be found on the resources page of this site. Our resources are age appropriate, require no prep time and are super easy to use with your child. We offer different tools for each age group that line up exactly with what we’re teaching on Sunday mornings. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions. We’d love to talk with you.

2- Ask questions. Really, we long for an open dialog with you about your child’s spiritual journey. But hoping and longing doesn’t really get us that far. We want to hear from you and really partner together with you.

3- Come each week. We want to see your kids in Kids’ Life each week. We enjoy your children and like getting to know them, but that’s hard when they aren’t around much.

4- If you’re a parent of a child in our elementary group, make a point of getting to know your child’s cell group leader. One of our values is that kids need another adult in their lives saying the same things their parents are saying. For us, that’s cell group leaders in Kids’ Life. In order to be effective our cell group leaders not only need to develop a relationship with your child, but with you as well. If you don’t know who your child’s cell group leader is, please see suggestion #2.


Do you have a “well-child” requirement?

Yes, we ask that children do not attend our environments if they exhibit any of the following symptoms within the past 36 hours: Fever / vomiting, discharge in or around the eyes, green or yellow runny nose, excessive coughing, diarrhea, questionable rash, or any communicable disease.

If a child is being treated with antibiotic, he or she should have received treatment for at least 24 hours before coming to Kids’ Life. All Kids’ Life team members are expected to abide by these same guidelines.

How will I be contacted during the service if my child is in need of attention?

When you sign-in your child, you’ll have the option of being assigned a pager or using the texting features on your mobile device as a pager. If your child needs you during the service we’ll page you or send you a text.

What else do you do to ensure my child’s safety?

We regularly evaluate the fitness and preparedness of our facilities for use with children.

We have comprehensive emergency and evacuation procedures in place.

All of our Kids’ Life team, including our children’s pastor and department directors have completed a rigorous screening process to assure their fitness for work with children.

What precautions do you take regarding food allergies?

We take food allergies seriously in Kids’ Life and have carefully chosen peanut and tree nut-free snacks. We also have back-up snacks available, chosen because they are safe for the top 8 allergy sensitivities. However, in order for our policies to protect all children with allergies, parental involvement is important. This is why we ask all parents of children with food allergies and sensitivities in Kindergarten or younger to fill out a “Snack Clearance” form [available at any sign-in desk] every Sunday based on the snack for that day.

We assume that children in 1st-6th grade understand their allergy and can verbalize any restrictions to us but we will always check your child’s allergy listing before serving a snack.

Because of the variety of allergies present within Kids’ Life we are unable to allow any food to be brought in from home.


Why do I need to sign in my child every Sunday?

We take child safety very seriously and take careful measures to protect your children.

You will only need to register once, after which our secure program allows us to quickly access your child’s information with just the last 4 digits of the phone number you provided at registration.

What’s the big deal about a parent tag?

A parent tag is an added layer of security for your child. Our host team and all other Kids’ Life team members have been instructed NOT to release any child to a parent who does not have the parent tag (and pager if applicable). In such cases you may be required to show valid photo identification.

How early may I sign-in my child?

The sign-in desks open at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday.

Who has access to the Kids’ Life environments?

Beginning at 9:30 a.m. and continuing until the last child is signed out, Kids’ Life can only be accessed by children or by adults with a current Kids’ Life staff name tag. If your child has a hard time adjusting, you may enter Kids’ Life with your child, but please see a host team member first to obtain a guest name tag for yourself. Guest name tags may be obtained at the “Visitor Sign-In” desk.

I was unable to sign in my child. What’s that all about?

Adult to child ratios play a significant role in maximizing our effectiveness as well as protecting our volunteers and your children. Our goal is that every child can be checked in. However, we experience seasons when the number of children attending outpaces our volunteer recruiting efforts.

Age Group: Children per Adult

Infants (newborn-walking): 2 children

Toddlers (walking-age 2): 4 children

Age 2 - 3 1/2: 6 children

Age 3 1/2 - Kindergarten: 8 children

1st-6th grades: No limit

Unfortunately, when the ratio is met, we cannot check in additional children. Solutions to keep in mind:

-Arrive early! Sign in begins at 9:40.

-Volunteer! And encourage others you know to do the same. We have a variety of positions available.

If it should happen that the environment your child usually attends is closed, a host team member will let you know if we anticipate additional volunteers to arrive and, if so, when to check back.


Will I have to volunteer in Kids’ Life just because I have a child?

NO! We realize that just because you are a parent doesn’t necessarily mean that your gifts and abilities lie in working with kids. When you are ready to serve in one way or another it is more important to us to find where you fit best as an individual.

At the same time you should know that it currently takes approximately 30 people each week to make Kids’ Life happen, so we’re always eager to talk to people about being a part of the team.

I’d like to volunteer in Kids’ Life. Where can I get more information

We’re excited that you’re thinking about being a part of the children’s ministry team at Life Community Church. We are thorough with our new volunteer application and interview process and we work diligently to establish guidelines to ensure a safe, secure and loving environment for the children of Life Community Church.

Please click here to let us know you’re interested.