We believe baptism is an opportunity for kids to take a stand and let everyone they've decided to follow Jesus. Our baptism services are a special time of celebrating that decision.

There are some things that we want to be careful to communicate prior to your child being baptized. Please work through the steps below with your child as they think through getting baptized.

First Things First

The most important thing that we could tell you about baptism, so important in fact that we're going to tell you again in the next step, is that both you and your child understand that baptism has no bearing on a person having put their trust in Jesus and their right standing with Him. Baptism is a way to show or tell others that you've started a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Since baptism is a way of showing something that's already happened then we want to be sure that your child has already put their trust in Jesus Christ PRIOR to being baptized and that they understand that being baptized in no way starts a relationship with Jesus for them!

If you're not quite sure where your child is at with putting their trust in Jesus Christ then check out this video with your child. After the video it'd even be good to talk through some "homework" together. You can download the homework here. This homework is not required and if your child already has a clear understand of having put their trust in Jesus Christ, then feel free to skip it.

what is baptism?

Please watch this video with your child to explain what baptism is and why we do it.


At LCC part of what makes our baptism services unique is getting to hear the story of the person being baptized...what led to where they are in this moment...their Jesus story. We're excited to hear your story about your journey with Jesus Christ.

We've got a couple of different options for telling your story:

OPTION A: You tell your own story on the day of your baptism.

OPTION B: Since you asked, we prefer option A... but we understand it's not for everyone and we don't want it to get in the way. Here are some other ways you can share your story:

  • video your story ahead of time
  • audio record your story ahead of time
  • have someone else read your story
  • don't share your story at all

I'm Ready!

1. Plan to attend a baptism information meeting after an upcoming AM service. It's very possible that you completed this step first, and that's okay! This meeting is generally held two weeks before the next scheduled baptism. Check for current dates.

2. Submit your story. Regardless of which story option you're choosing we want to hear your story.

3. After you submit you're story we'll setup a time for you to meet with a member of our Kids' Life team to talk through any questions and review final details. This meetup generally lasts 30 minutes or less and we'll offer two different times slots in the week leading up to the baptism service. Availability will be sent after you submit your story.