Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection

Bible Passage: Matthew 26–28; 1 Corinthians 15

Story Point: Jesus gives us life with God forever.

Key Passage: - [If] my people ... turn from their evil ways, then I will ...forgive their sin, and heal their land. -2 Chronicles 7:14

Big Picture Question: How did God plan to fix what sin broke? God planned to send Jesus.

CHRIST CONNECTION: The most important thing that ever happened is that Jesus died and was raised from the dead. We can believe that Jesus is alive! When we turn from sin and trust in Jesus, we have hope and new life. Jesus brings forgiveness and life with God forever.



shout the good news

What to do: Gather together in a circle. Invite everyone to squat down. Whisper “Jesus is alive,” louder and louder as they slowly stand. Read Matthew 28:1-15 and John 20:1-18 together.

SAY • Paul told people the good news: Jesus died on the cross and is alive. God sent Jesus to rescue us.

NAME Important things

What you need: paper and crayons/markers

What to do: Encourage everyone to name important things that have happened to them. Prompt as needed to be sure they include their own births, births of siblings, starting school, changing babysitters, playing on a ball team, and so forth. Encourage one another to choose one of these important things to draw. Keep in mind that a child may tell about a serious situation and it’s a great opportunity to respond with compassion.

SAY • We celebrate important things that happen in our lives. You might have a birthday cake or even a party to celebrate the day you were born. Today is Easter. Easter is the day we celebrate the most important thing that ever happened: Jesus died and was raised from the dead.

find it

What you need: Doll or toy

What to do: Hide a small doll/toy somewhere in the room. Encourage children to find the doll/toy. Choose a child to hide the doll/toy again for the rest of the group to find. Repeat several times.

SAY • When someone hid the doll/toy, we had to look for it. We found the doll/toy right where the person who hid the doll/toy left it. Two women in our Bible story today went to Jesus’ tomb because that was where a man named Joseph had put Him. But when the women arrived, Jesus was gone! Do you know where Jesus went?

create your own celebration

What you need: Whatever you have available!

What to do: In these unusual circumstances, some Easter traditions may look different. Come up with ideas on how to make today special. For example, consider eating a meal on fine china or paper plates - whatever would be fun for your family. Look for balloons, streamers, etc. Have the kids be a part of coming up with things that are a way to celebrate.

SAY • Today we are remembering a very special day. Jesus’ friends were surprised by the angel. They had thought the day would be a sad day, but it ended up being a very exciting day. Jesus was alive! We can take ordinary days and make them special too. Let’s think of ways to celebrate that Jesus is alive.

resurrection eggs

What you need: Plastic easter eggs. Write the letters E-A-S-T-E-R on each egg. OR get paper lunch bags or other containers. Write a letter on each bag.

Optional: Put visual in the plastic eggs. E (a crown sticker or picture of a crown): A- bandage; S-cross sticker or a cut out cross; T- rock to represent empty tomb; E - piece of gauze or cotton ball to represent grave clothes R-heart sticker

What to do: Play hot potato with the eggs that spell E-A-S-T-E-R. When the music stops, have the person with the egg, share what letter that is on the egg. (open egg if you went with visuals) Read what the letter means. Variation: Pass around the bag and everyone draw out a letter. Read what each letter means.

E is for Everything - God made everything. He is King over everything.

A is for Broken world. When we sinned, the world became broken. We all do things that go against what God wants. That is called sin. God sent Jesus to fix a broken world.

S is for Sacrifice. Jesus died on the cross, sacrificing Himself for us.

T is for Tomb. After Jesus died, he was buried in a tomb with a BIG rock in front of it and stayed there for 3 days.

E is for Empty. When His friends came to visit the tomb, they found the stone rolled away.

R is for Risen. Jesus rose from the dead and is alive today. He loves us and wants to be our friend!

SAY •Easter tells us the best news ever! Jesus died on the cross for our sins and is alive! We can be with Him.

questions to talk about

  1. What had Jesus done wrong? (nothing)
  2. What was rolled in front of the tomb? (a large stone)
  3. Who went to Jesus’ tomb on the third day? (two of Jesus’ friends, both named Mary)
  4. What made the women happy at the tomb? (Jesus had risen. He was alive!)
  5. What did Jesus tell the women to do? (tell His friends to go to Galilee to meet Him)
  6. How did God plan to fix what sin broke? (God planned to send Jesus.)