JUNE 2021


WEEK OF JUNE 20 & 27

The Emmaus Disciples

Bible Passage: Luke 24

Story Point: Jesus taught that all the Scriptures point to Him.

Key Passage: Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.” - John 11:25

What is God Like? God is Good.





  1. Who walked with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus? (Jesus)

  2. Did the disciples recognize Jesus? (no)

  3. Whom did Jesus say had told about what would happen to the Messiah? (Moses and the prophets)

  4. When did the friends recognize Jesus? (when He broke the bread into pieces)

  5. What did Jesus’ disciples do? (They went back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples.)

  6. Who is good all the time? (God)


  1. Did the two disciples know Jesus was talking with them? (no, Luke 24:16)

  2. What had the people hoped Jesus would do? (redeem Israel, Luke 24:21)

  3. What did Jesus use to teach about Himself? (all of the Scriptures, Luke 24:27)

  4. What is your favorite Old Testament story, and how does it point to Jesus? Guide kids to discuss stories they enjoyed learning about from the Old Testament. Consider using the Small Group Timeline to point out specific stories your group has covered. Help the kids remember how those stories connect to the one big story of Jesus.

  5. When do you feel most excited about Jesus and the gospel? Encourage the kids to be honest about their feelings. Some kids may feel most excited when learning new things about the Bible. Other kids may feel most excited when doing good deeds to honor Jesus with their lives. And still others may feel most excited when they are singing praises or praying to Him. Help kids see that all three are normal, good responses to the truth of Jesus.

  6. How can we be a part of the story of Jesus? Guide kids to think about the ways we can live on mission and allow God’s power to work through us. Discuss the importance of using our time, talents, and resources to glorify Jesus in the world.


WHAT YOU NEED: pieces of paper, device to play worship songs

WHAT YOU DO: Write the titles of several different songs that mention Jesus on individual pieces of paper. Choose songs that are familiar to the children that they enjoy. Spread out the papers in the center of the floor. Invite preschoolers to take turns tossing a beanbag onto a sheet of paper. Read the song title and lead children in singing the song.

WHAT YOU SAY: All the songs we sang were about Jesus! Do you know what else is all about Jesus? [Allow responses.] The Bible! The whole Bible is about Jesus. In today’s Bible story, Jesus showed two of His disciples how everything Moses and the prophets wrote about the Messiah was about Him. Listen to the story.


WHAT YOU NEED: basket, blindfold, tennis ball

WHAT YOU DO: Place an empty basket opposite the kids. Blindfold the first kid in line and give her a tennis ball. Invite her to toss the ball into the basket. Allow each kid to take a turn. Consider awarding points to kids who successfully land the ball in the basket. You may play additional rounds without the blindfold for comparison.

WHAT YOU SAY: After Jesus rose from the dead, different people saw Him at different times, but some of them were still spiritually blind to the truth about Him found in God’s Word. Today we learned about a time Jesus helped two disciples better understand the full truth about Himself.


Jesus' Resurrection

Bible Passage: Matthew 28; John 20

Story Point: God raised Jesus from the dead to defeat sin and death.

Key Passage: Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.” - John 11:25

What is God Like? God is Good.





  1. Who went to the tomb on the third day after Jesus died on the cross? (Jesus’ friend Mary)

  2. What did Peter and John see in the tomb? (The cloths that had been wrapped around Jesus’ body.)

  3. Who did Mary see that she thought was the gardener? (Jesus)

  4. What did Jesus tell Mary to do? (go and tell the others that He was going back to the Father)

  5. Where is Jesus now? Jesus is in heaven.

  6. Who is good all the time? (God)


  1. Which woman was among the first people to learn of Jesus’ resurrection? (Mary Magdalene, Matt. 28:1)

  2. When Mary met Jesus, what did He tell her to do? (go and tell the other disciples about His resurrection, Matt. 28:10)

  3. How did the religious leaders try to prevent people from learning about Jesus’ resurrection? (They bribed the soldiers to lie, saying the disciples stole the body; Matt. 28:12-15)

  4. Why is it important to know Jesus rose from the dead? Guide kids to think about what Jesus’ resurrection proved about His power over death. Had Jesus remained dead, it would show that His sacrifice was not perfect and did not fully pay for sin.

  5. What does it mean that Jesus defeated sin and death? Guide kids to think about the control sin has over the lives of those who are lost. Discuss the phrase “dead in sin” and the implication that we are powerless against sin. Remind kids that sin leads to death, both physical (we all die eventually) and spiritual (we are separated from God). Jesus’ victory over sin and death means we will rise again to live forever with God in a perfectly restored world.

  6. How do you feel when you think about Jesus’ resurrection? Guide kids to think through and process their emotions. Do they feel happy? Excited? Unsure? Remind kids that our feelings do not define what is true, but God gave us emotions. They can help us understand the truth of the gospel.


WHAT YOU NEED: play dough, rollers (optional), white tissue

WHAT YOU DO: Give each preschooler a ball of play dough. Demonstrate how to form part of the play dough into a cave with an opening. Roll up the rest in a ball to serve as the big stone at the tomb’s entrance. Offer preschoolers white tissues to fold up and put in the tomb. Invite preschoolers to play out rolling the stone away from the tomb’s entrance.

WHAT YOU SAY: On the third day after Jesus died on the cross, Mary went to His tomb early in the morning. Mary saw that the big stone had been moved away from the entrance. Mary ran to tell Peter and John. Peter and John looked in the empty tomb and saw the linen cloths that Jesus’ body had been wrapped in. The cloth that had been around Jesus’ head was folded up. Jesus rose from the dead and is alive!


WHAT YOU NEED: masking tape, a variety of balls to roll in different sizes, hula hoop

WHAT YOU DO: Use masking tape to mark a small X on the floor. Ensure that no furniture is in the path between the kids and the X. Encourage kids to take turns rolling the balls across the X, starting with the smallest ball and ending with the hula hoop. Ask the kids which ones were easier and which ones were harder and why.

WHAT YOU SAY: Some objects are easy to roll and some are harder. What if we were trying to roll a stone as large as a door? Would that be easy or hard? Sometimes in Bible times, when someone died, he was buried in a tomb like a small cave. Several strong men would roll the large stone in front to close it. In today’s Bible story, God moved a large stone.