Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as a King

Bible Passage: Luke 19:28-40; Matthew 21:1-11

Story Point: Jesus came to Jerusalem to show He is king.

Key Passage: If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. - 2 Chronicles 7:14

Big Picture Question: How did God plan to fix what sin broke? Before He created the world, God planned to send the Messiah to save sinners.

CHRIST CONNECTION: All of our Bible stories so far have been pointing to our need for a perfect king. King David was promised a forever king on his throne. The people asked for a king and there were lots of bad kings that did evil. The prophets promised a perfect king would rescue all people. When Jesus came on the donkey, people were happy to see the king they had been waiting for - Jesus is that perfect king! Jesus was getting ready to die on the cross and take the punishment for sin. God showed his love and plan to fix a broken world when He sent Jesus.


Another great option (or addition) is to READ the story to your kids right out of the gospels in the New Testament. It's found in these locations:

  • Matthew 21: 1-17
  • Mark 11: 1-11
  • Luke 19: 28-44
  • John 12: 12-19




What you need: Paper and pen

What to Say: In our story, the people called Jesus “blessed.” Blessed can mean lots of things. One meaning is that something is holy (perfect and set apart). Another meaning of blessed means something that makes us happy or something we are thankful for.

What to Do: Write the word “Blessed” on your paper. Then write the name “Jesus” Think about things that are true of Jesus. What are some words to describe Him? Write some Praise words under Jesus.

Think about words we use to tell people thank you. Write down the people in your family. Write down some things they do or say that make you happy or make you thankful.

Share your words of “blessing” with one another.


What you need:

  • White card stock (copy paper will do)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Watercolors and brush

What to Do: Tape off a cross on the with painter’s tape. Watercolor around the tape. When it is dry, remove tape. If desired, kids can write a caption such as “Jesus is King,” or a verse.

SAY • God’s plan to fix a broken world was to send Jesus. The plan to fix the world was that Jesus died on the cross for the punishment of sin. The cross is a reminder of how much God loves us and made a way for us to be with Him again just like He was with Adam and Eve in the garden. We can be with Jesus now and look forward to being with him in heaven too.

questions to talk about

  1. What did Jesus ask his two disciples to do? (Go to the village and get a donkey and colt)
  2. What are some of the things people shouted when Jesus rode the donkey into town (Hosanna to the Son of David, Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest heaven! - Matthew 21:9)
  3. Look at Matthew 21:5 or Luke 19:38. See if your Bible has a little letter and see what it is referencing. What do you think that may mean? (Guide kids to see that Jesus coming was fulfilling prophecy. God’s plan has always been to send Jesus and He had been telling His people for a long time)
  4. Jesus came to the city with the plan to die on the cross. Do you think the people were expecting that? (Guide kids to think about what the crowds expectations may have been about Jesus. Have them think about what people expect of a king)
  5. Consider if you have things that you expect of Jesus. What are some things that God has promised you? What are something that He hasn’t? (Have kids consider what things they can expect of God (peace, joy, His presence) vs. things they want, but aren’t promised (comfort, happiness and things, etc.)



Guide kids to think about and answer one or two journaling prompts. Be sure to join them.

  • What does this story teach me about God or the gospel?
  • What does the story teach me about myself?
  • Are there things God is asking me to do in this story? How are they for God’s glory and my good?
  • Are there any promises in this story to remember? How do they help me trust and love God?
  • What characteristics of God do I see in this story?
  • What does the story teach me about people around me?
  • If I’m honest, what parts of this are hard to understand or believe?

talking to kids about the gospel...

Here’s one way we talk about the gospel with elementary kids

A- We are God’s most treasured creation! Created to be with Him. However, there’s a problem. It’s sin. Sin is anything we do that isn’t what God wants for us. We’ve all done it, even me. And sin gets in the way of us having a relationship with God. We need to admit we have this problem!

B- Believe that Jesus is who He says He is and did what He said He did in order to make a way for our relationship with God to be made whole again...specifically He loves you SO MUCH that...”Christ died for our sins, just as Scripture said he would. He was buried. He was raised from the dead on the third day, just as Scripture said he would be.” (1 Cor. 15: 3-4) He took the punishment we deserved.

C- Choose to put your faith in Jesus. Jesus says that our response, or the way we accept it is by faith. In other words putting our trust in Him.