Israel Taken Captive

Bible Passage: 2 Kings 17

Story Point: Israel ignored God’s prophets and was captured.

Key Passage: - "The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance." 2 Peter 3:9 ESV

Big Picture Question: Why should we obey God? We should obey God because He made us, He loves us, and His plans are good.

CHRIST CONNECTION: When the Israelites disobeyed God again and again, God punished them by removing them from His presence. One of the worst things we could ever face is to be separated from God. We disobey God, but Jesus took the punishment for our sin upon Himself. Jesus brings us into God’s presence and keeps us there. Because of Jesus, we can be close to God. We can know and love Him.





What you Need: (Optional: different colors of paper or something to signify different colors, but you can just call them out too)

What to do: Play a game of “Red Light, Green Light” using the traditional rules of moving on green and stopping on red. You may add in additional colors of light with different instructions attached to each, such as yellow lights for slow motion movement, blue lights for hopping, purple lights for moving backwards, or pink lights for dancing.

SAY • In that game, a red light meant you had to stop immediately or risk being sent away from the goal. In our story, learned about a time God’s people did not obey even though God repeatedly warned them to obey. God disciplined them for their disobedience.


What you need: Print a copy “What Does It Cost?

Invite kids to complete the “What Does It Cost?” activity page. Invite kids to match each item on the right with the dollar amount that represents the best estimate of its price.

SAY • Knowing about how much things cost can be difficult, especially when someone older than you buys the things you need and want for you. As you grow up, you’ll begin to have a sense about what a fair price for different items might be. Today we talked about the price of Israel’s continued sin.

chain breakers

What you need:

  • Strips of paper/construction paper that can be used to make a paper chain
  • Tape or stapler

Provide each person with a strip of paper. Encourage one another to consider things they have done in the last week that were dishonoring or disobedient to God. Write these things on the strips. Use tape to make the strips into loops and connect them together to form a paper chain. Stretch the chain out to show how long it is. Then, explain the gospel*, and allow the kids to tear through the chain.

SAY • In our story today, God’s people were led away in chains because they kept sinning against God. The Bible teaches us that sin enslaves us. Thankfully, God sent Jesus to rescue us from sin and give us freedom to love and obey God. Jesus breaks the chains of sin that hold us and gives us new life with God forever.

questions to talk about

1. Why did God allow Assyria to defeat and capture Israel? (The people would not listen to the prophets or obey God, 2 Kings 17:13-18)

2. How is God’s giving consequences or rewards a sign of His love? Guide kids to understand that sin hurts us and everyone around us. If God did not correct His people for their sin, it would show that He does not want what was best for them. God’s trains His people to obey Him, which is for their own good.

3. What is the difference between consequences of sin and punishment for sin? Guide kids to see that sin still carries a price. When we make sinful choices, it still hurts us and those around us. Those are the consequences of sin. But the punishment of sin—death and separation from God forever—was laid on Jesus. When we believe in Jesus, His sacrifice covers our sin and makes us new.

4. How do we know that believers in Jesus will never be punished for sin? Help kids see that Jesus’ sacrifice was the ultimate and final sacrifice. It was sufficient for all our sin. He rose from the dead, proving that sin no longer has power. When we believe in Jesus, we are declared righteous and united to God forever.



Guide kids to think about and answer one or two journaling prompts. Be sure to join them.

  • What does this story teach me about God or the gospel?
  • What does the story teach me about myself?
  • Are there things God is asking me to do in this story? How are they for God’s glory and my good?
  • Are there any promises in this story to remember? How do they help me trust and love God?
  • What characteristics of God do I see in this story?
  • What does the story teach me about people around me?
  • If I’m honest, what parts of this are hard to understand or believe?

talking to kids about the gospel...

Here’s one way we talk about the gospel with elementary kids

A- We are God’s most treasured creation! Created to be with Him. However, there’s a problem. It’s sin. Sin is anything we do that isn’t what God wants for us. We’ve all done it, even me. And sin gets in the way of us having a relationship with God. We need to admit we have this problem!

B- Believe that Jesus is who He says He is and did what He said He did in order to make a way for our relationship with God to be made whole again...specifically He loves you SO MUCH that...”Christ died for our sins, just as Scripture said he would. He was buried. He was raised from the dead on the third day, just as Scripture said he would be.” (1 Cor. 15: 3-4) He took the punishment we deserved.

C- Choose to put your faith in Jesus. Jesus says that our response, or the way we accept it is by faith. In other words putting our trust in Him.