Bible Passage: Luke 2

Story Point: Simeon and Anna worshiped Jesus as the Messiah.

Key Passage: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. John 1:1-2 (NIV)

What is God Like: God is personal. (He is fully God and fully a human)

CHRIST CONNECTION: God had promised His people that a Savior was coming. When Simeon and Anna saw Jesus, they knew He was the Savior. Jesus came to save people from sin. We can trust Jesus to save us from our sins; and like Simeon and Anna, we get to tell others the good news.








Consider questions that pursue the heart of your child during natural points of connection. Here's one for during a walk or at the dinner table this week:

  • What did Simeon and Anna do that we get to do now? What are ways we can do that?



  1. Where did Jesus’ earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, take Him to obey God’s rules? (the temple)

  2. What promise did God make to Simeon? (Simeon would not die until saw the Messiah, Jesus)

  3. What did Simeon say it would be like for Mary to be Jesus’ mother? (very good, but very hard)

  4. Anna did what when she saw Jesus? (thanked God)

  5. What did Anna tell other people? (She told everyone the good news that Jesus the Savior had come.)

  6. Is Jesus God or a human? Jesus is both fully God and fully human. He is personal.


  1. Why did Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the temple as a baby? (to dedicate Him according to God’s law, Luke 2:22-23)

  2. Why did Simeon say “You can let me die now”? (Simeon had seen God fulfill His promise to send the Messiah, Luke 2:29-32)

  3. Whom did Anna tell about Jesus? (those who had been waiting on the Lord’s salvation, Luke 2:38)

  4. How would Jesus provide salvation? Guide kids to think about Jesus’ death on the cross. Remind the kids that the fair payment of sin is death and that Jesus died in our place. He took on the punishment of God’s anger toward sin and died. Then He rose again to prove His sacrifice was enough.

  5. What are ways people might respond to Jesus? Discuss the reactions of Simeon and Anna, who were excited and happy and told others about Jesus. Then discuss why some people
    might not believe the good news, or might feel it is too good (or they are too bad) to accept the gospel as true.

  6. What other promises has God given us? Remind kids that God has promised salvation to everyone who trusts in Jesus. He has promised to send Jesus back to fix everything sin has broken. He has promised to give us new life, joy, and peace through Jesus. Help kids understand that He has not promised an easy life.



popcorn praise

WHAT YOU NEED: balloons

WHAT TO DO: Invite kids to stand in a circle. Explain that kids will work together to tap inflated balloons into the air so they don’t fall to the floor. Each time a kid taps a balloon, she should say something to complete this sentence: “God, I praise You because ...” Begin with one balloon. Gradually introduce additional balloons. Continue as time allows.

WHAT YOU SAY: When Simeon and Anna saw Jesus, they praised God. Simeon and Anna worshiped Jesus as the Messiah. We can praise God and worship Jesus as the Messiah. God has provided salvation through His Son, Jesus, for everyone who trusts in Him.

praise songs

WHAT YOU NEED: paper, pencil, Bible

WHAT TO DO: Work as a family, in groups or individually. Provide each group with a sheet of paper and pencil. You may pass out Bibles and help kids find Luke 2:29-32. Encourage the kids to work in their groups to write songs praising Jesus as the Messiah. Be prepared to help them rhyme words, or suggest popular tunes their songs could be sung to. Allow each group a chance to sing their song for the rest of the family.

WHAT TO SAY: Wow, those were some great new songs. Worshiping Jesus is one of the most worthwhile things we can do. Jesus is our perfect Savior. He is our Creator and King. We can worship Him by loving others, obeying Him, or giving Him the glory in our lives. We can also sing these songs we’ve written. Simeon and Anna worshiped Jesus as the Messiah. Who can you teach your song to help them worship Jesus too?


WHAT YOU DO: Invite a child to open your Bible to John 1:1-2. Read the key passage aloud. Mention that Word begins with the letter W. Guide boys and girls to pretend to write a large W with their index fingers in the air. Say the verse a few times, writing a W each time Word is spoken.

WHAT YOU SAY: When the verse says Word, it means Jesus. The Word, Jesus, was God. They are the same! Simeon and Anna recognized that Jesus was not an ordinary baby. They knew He was the Savior who had come to save people from sin.


"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1


"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning." John 1:1-2


wait for it

WHAT YOU NEED: a watch with a second hand or timer

WHAT TO DO: Suggest a simple action, such as run in place, pat your head, or shake a friend’s hand. Instruct child to wait to begin moving until a signal is given. Watch a clock’s second hand or a phone’s timer as children anticipate beginning to move. Build excitement and finally give the signal for the boys and girls to move. Continue playing and emphasize the waiting, pre- movement time.

WHAT TO SAY: Simeon and Anna waited a long time to meet Jesus. God promised Simeon that he would not die until he saw the Savior who would rescue people from sin. How happy he was when he met Baby Jesus! When Anna saw Jesus, she thanked God and told people that Jesus the Savior had been born. Simeon and Anna worshiped Jesus and told others the good news.

make worship streamers

WHAT YOU NEED: streamer paper or fabric strips, tape, craft stick, markers

WHAT TO DO: Cut light-colored fabric into 4-inch wide strips about 3 feet long (or use crepe paper). Tape one end of the fabric to a craft stick to serve as a handle. Provide markers and allow preschoolers to decorate a streamer. Write the story point on each child’s streamer. Play worship music and encourage boys and girls to wave their streamer, sing, and worship Jesus.

WHAT TO SAY: Simeon and Anna worshiped Jesus when they saw Him. Anna thanked God, and Simeon was happy. Simeon talked to Mary and told her about what it would be like for Jesus as He grew. Simeon and Anna knew Jesus was the One who would save people from sin. We can trust Jesus to save us from our sins; and like Simeon and Anna, we get to tell others the good news.




Guide kids to think about and answer one or two journaling prompts. Be sure to join them.

  • What does this story teach me about God or the gospel?

  • What does the story teach me about myself?

  • Are there things God is asking me to do in this story? How are they for God’s glory and my good?

  • Are there any promises in this story to remember? How do they help me trust and love God?

  • What characteristics of God do I see in this story?

  • What does the story teach me about people around me?

  • If I’m honest, what parts of this are hard to understand or believe?

talking to kids about the gospel...

Here’s one way we talk about the gospel with elementary kids

A- We are God’s most treasured creation! Created to be with Him. However, there’s a problem. It’s sin. Sin is anything we do that isn’t what God wants for us. We’ve all done it, even me. And sin gets in the way of us having a relationship with God. We need to admit we have this problem!

B- Believe that Jesus is who He says He is and did what He said He did in order to make a way for our relationship with God to be made whole again...specifically He loves you SO MUCH that...”Christ died for our sins, just as Scripture said he would. He was buried. He was raised from the dead on the third day, just as Scripture said he would be.” (1 Cor. 15: 3-4) He took the punishment we deserved.

C- Choose to put your faith in Jesus. Jesus says that our response, or the way we accept it is by faith. In other words putting our trust in Him.