Baby D

Parenting Talks and Homework

We have created a resource which includes three parenting talks that we feel will help you start right now, at the beginning, to think about the things that truly matter the most to you and your child. These early years are incredibly important. Watching and listening to this series and talking about it together with your spouse will be an investment of time that you will never regret. It is helpful, though not required, to complete these before attending parent orientation.

TALK 1: Imagine the end

Homework 1 - answer this question:

  • Imagine 18 years from now...who do you want your child to become? Describe the type of person you'd like your child to grow up to be.

talk 2: make it personal

Homework 2 - answer these questions:

  • Write down two things that you are going to do to invest in yourself and your relationship with your spouse.
  • Decide on two more things you are going to do in order to continue to grow in your relationship with God or take next steps in your faith.

Talk 3: widen the circle